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Navgrah Puja

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The word Navagraha constitutes two words and there are nine that stand for Nav and planets that stand for Graha. Other than this, the word stands for Chandra, Mangal, Surya, Shukra, Ketu, Shani. There are different influences of these planets in our lives and depending on its positioning, one may experience positive or negative impacts in one’s life. This navgrah puja is often performed during Diwali as this is one of the auspicious days to perform rituals for something good.


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Benefits of the Navgrah Puja

  • The navgrah puja helps promote courage and strength, win over enemies, have success and better prosperity in life
  • It offers great health, prosperity, and power in one’s life
  • It helps regain mental peace, helps improve one’s personality, and brings success in life
  • One will have wealth, wisdom, and power in life and progress better in the future days
  • It shall help remove the negative energy surrounding your life as it depends on your birth planet

Ways to perform the Navgrah Puja

When facing a problem in your life and want to get a solution for the obstacles, try to conduct the puja during Diwali. But if you are not able to do so, try to seek assistance from an online source that will perform the navgrah puja on your behalf. After the puja, you can receive the prasad at your home. To perform the puja correctly, not all sources are authentic enough to approach them for the navgrah puja. You need to research well to get in touch with an authentic option who has been in this business for years now. So, you need to book with us and get the right slot for the puja to be done online.

It is important to hire the right service that has years of experience and knowledge on how to perform the puja. This will help to maintain the types of mantras and types of japs to be chanted as part of this puja. These are necessary for the smooth completion of the puja and only then, one can expect to get the positive impacts of the puja in their lives.

What could be the effects of navagraha?
There are different effects on the planet and they can impact our career, love life, marriage, health, and financial condition as well. By performing the puja, one gets the required strength and they get the positivity to overcome the hurdles and achieve success smoothly in their lives. So, try to get this puja done online for the benefits it offers.

Wrapping it up 

When booking with us, you have to mention your birth details which shall help to make arrangements for the puja. The details shall help to decide the right time for the puja rituals that will be done on your behalf. So, after you make the payments, we will send a confirmation following which the puja will start. After it is done correctly, the Prasad and other things will be sent to your address. If you need any photographs, we can send you that through email.


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